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the fully programmatic stack for in-house teams

Our platform automates a manual process, making it quicker and easier to target gamers with precision and accuracy

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We provide

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Direct access to hard-to-reach premium gaming audience through our peer to peer exchange.

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Revenue increasing commercial model for all parties involved. Cut out all middlemen.

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Easy-to-use state-of-the-art full tech stack designed for 1st party data monetisation with no upfront costs.

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Onboard your team in a few simple steps


Secure your 1st party data via clean rooms and pre-matching


Integrating our SDK for monetisation


Test and set up the campaign

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Free for advertisers

We are on a mission to create more transparency in advertising and a redistribution of value.

Therefore, our platform is free for advertisers and there are no hidden costs.

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Yearxero app screenshot

Audience curation

Our platform is designed to solve your targeting problems by providing analytical and predictive insights on your customers' behaviour. With our AI-supported tools, you can easily build target audiences, benefit from real-time retargeting and cross-device identification. We offer rich, consented user data, fast intent extraction, look-alike modeling, and all the metrics you need to understand your audiences better.

Access previously unreachable platform audiences -

programmatically via YEARXERO PLATFORM EXCHANGE.

Our real-time bidding system micro-targets your audience and offers advanced, machine learning optimisation along with various targeting capabilities such as geo location or weather. 

You benefit from flexible budget and traffic management, self-service advert accounts, and cross-channel optimisation (for CPM,CPC and CTR.)  

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