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It was my son's passion for esports that opened my eyes to the power and potential of gaming. How it had become a new pillar of societies and communities worldwide.

With the increasing commercial interests pouring into this industry, monetisation is inevitable.

That's why my co-founding team and I created a peer-to-peer advertising technology stack and an Ad-Exchange, ready for the decentralisation of the internet.

Yearxero gives publishers the freedom to plug brands and their programmatic advertising directly into their platforms, creating a direct communication channel between advertisers and consumers, with maximum privacy and security.

We believe that the most direct way to monetise individual domains, cutting out the inefficiencies of traditional advertising systems, is also the most lucrative.

It's a revolution in how advertising is done, and our peer-to-peer approach means less waste, less middlemen, and the most direct way to connect with your audience.

Thomas Jensen

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