Monetise your premium gaming audience at value and scale

Our solution helps you curate your audience and find brands that want to advertise on your platform. We simplify and maximise your inventory revenue at scale

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We provide

the all in one full tech-stack that reduces ad spend, increases revenue and provides targeted access to premium audiences
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Demand at scale

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Revenue increasing commercial model for all parties involved

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Easy-to-use state-of-the-art full tech stack designed for 1st party data monetisation

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You are only 3 steps away from value creation


Secure your 1st party data (via clean rooms and pre-matching)


Integrate our SDK for monetisation


Set-up, test and run your campaign

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Transparent commission

We are on a mission to create more transparency in advertising and a redistribution of value.

Therefore, media owners and intermediates benefit from fair and transparent commission fees  and no hidden costs.

If you want to know more about our commission fees for media owners and intermediaries get in touch.

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Yearxero app screenshot

Audience curation

Our platform is designed to solve your targeting problems by providing analytical and predictive insights on your customers' behaviour. With our AI-supported tools, you can easily build target audiences, benefit from real-time retargeting and cross-device identification. We offer rich, consented user data, fast intent extraction, look-alike modeling, and all the metrics you need to understand your audiences better. 

AI-based inventory yield optimisation

Our platform auctions all available inventory to buyers and optimises yields using AI techniques for maximum impression value.

This increases your fill-rate and eCPM. 

Upon onboarding, your team can self-generate direct deals and private auctions.We facilitate setting of dynamic floor prices, provide complete bid-level transparency and support native, video & banner formats.

Yearxero app screenshot
Yearxero app screenshot

Open RTB makes it easy -

makes it easy to run your own private media platform (PMP)

Our real-time bidding system micro-targets your audience and offers advanced, machine learning optimisation along with various targeting capabilities such as geo location or weather. 

You benefit from flexible budget and traffic management, self-service advert accounts, and cross-channel optimisation (for CPM,CPC and CTR.)